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What to Wear - H&M

Did you know that H&M now has cute kids clothes in their stores?? I just love the fashionable children’s line they have. Cute pants, shirts, sweaters and jackets for boys and pretty dresses, skirts, sweaters and coats for girls are all perfect items for fall family photo session wardrobes.

Check out the choices for girls below. You can mix and match these items or if you have three girls, their wardrobe is all set! And how cute are the little mouse shoes? Three little mice ready for their photo!

What to Wear - Personalized Style

This week I received an email from a fellow photographer who wanted help with the wardrobe for her family’s Christmas Photo Session.  I was happy to help!

Even though photographer’s often give advice to their clients on what to wear, it is still sometimes hard for us to figure out what our own families will wear for our photo shoots!

I love to put together outfits for the what to wear posts but I also love it when I know the person or family that is going to be wearing the clothing I pick out.  It is fun to pull together actual clothes based on a family’s style.  After a few questions were answered about her family, I was able to pull together just the right clothing for this family’s photo session.

The only criterior I needed to keep in mind when looking for these clothes was the following….the dress for the little girl was already purchased and everyone’s outfits needed to coordinate with that.  I was also told that both little boys love to wear their cowboy boots and wanted to really be comfortable.  Once I nailed down the family’s style and special requests, I started shopping! (my favorite thing to do!)

Check out what I came up with below.  I hope this family loves what I put together, and I hope you can also find inspiration from this guide.  Remember, start off with a print for the little girl or mother, and pull coordinating colors from that piece.  In this set, I pulled the golds, reds, browns and light blues to coordinate with the dress.  The pieces come from a variety of clothing stores that meet anyone’s budget.  Remember, you can mix and match higher end pieces with more budget friendly items to get a total look that won’t break the bank!

If you are a photographer or a family needing help with your wardrobe, please send me an email!  I do wardrobe consultation for photo sessions and would love to help put together a personalized style guide for you!!

Charleston, SC Mini Sessions

Several weeks ago I was in Charleston to second shoot a wedding with my great friend, Liz.  The day after the wedding, I had mini sessions set up in downtown Charleston!  It was so much fun to shoot in a different location, and Charleston is a beautiful backdrop for photos!  I found a beautiful, cobblestone street to set up the sessions, and each of the families were lots of fun!!

Check out these sneak peeks of the families and kids I photographed!

What to Wear - Budget Friendly Boys

Boys can sometimes be hard to buy for…the stores are full of girl stuff and most of the boy stuff looks the same!  However, with a little determination you can find great outfits for boys and you can find them at budget friendly stores!

Today’s inspiration board is all about brothers!  Boys love to play and they like to be comfortable!  So dress your boys for photo shoots with that in mind.  Don’t make them wear things they are uncomfortable in because they won’t be happy about that and you definitely want happy boys in the photos!  Let them wear jeans and shirts that show their personality and the fact that they are boys!

One of the most popular color combos recently is gray and yellow, and below is a way to incorporate this color combination into your fall photos of your boys.  All the clothes and shoes came from the Gap so be sure to check them out online!

Fashion Friday - The Look

If you are a photographer that happens to read my blog, this post is for you! I am often writing what to wear posts for clients and they are generally posted on Fridays in the Fashion Friday series on this blog.  I also do what to wear posts for The Lens Loves, which is an awesome inspirational blog for photographers and families who are searching for their perfect photographer.

These what to wear posts started for many reasons, but the main on is I love to shop!  I love to shop for real and for fantasy!  I also love to shop for my clients!  I often get asked about wardrobe when someone books a session, and because I am very visual, I send them photos or inspiration boards of things I think will look great together.  Sometimes clients show up wearing the exact same thing I picked and sometimes it is a variation of what I suggested!  Either way, it helps them stress less about what they are going to wear for the photos and it gives me my shopping fix for the day!

Another reason I love putting together what to wear guides is because it shows clients and other photographers that you don’t have to wear perfectly matching outfits or khaki pants and white shirts.  My photography style is full of color so my what to wear guides reflect that.  My clients show up wearing things that help showcase my use of color in the photos!

So after putting together many what to wear guides for my blog, clients, other photographers and The Lens Loves, I decided to come up with my own little guide that photographers can purchase and share with their clients.

The first one is The Look for Fall!  It is full of do’s and don’ts and real clothing from this season.  These clothes were picked out and put together by me and I had so much fun shopping for them!  They are meant to be an inspiration on how you can start with one patterned piece and build the entire family’s wardrobe from there.  Check out a few of the pages below!

The Look is a PDF file that will be emailed to you once payment is received.  You will be able to email this guide to your clients and educate them on what to wear for their photos.

If you are interested in purchasing The Look, click here!  Or if you what the guide for a steal, check out The Daily Savvy Steal here.  For a limited time the guide will be 50% off on The Savvy Photographer!!

This guide is a great way to answer your client’s most popular question…WHAT DO WE WEAR??

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