Camp Eli

This past weekend we hosted Camp Eli in our backyard to celebrate Eli’s 5th birthday!  We had nine kids at our house and they had a blast running around the backyard playing flashlight tag and hanging out in the tent.  We told ghost stories, roasted marshmallows for smores and watched a movie under the stars.

Eli was so excited to have all his friends over to play!  After the kids arrived and checked in to camp with Camp Counselor Dan, the kids had a little free play that consisted of running their hearts out!  They loved playing in the tent and getting in their sleeping bags when it was time for the movie.  I even made popcorn for a late night treat!

The cake turned out great with a tree slice as the cake stand.  I also made little camp postcards for the kids to fill out and take home, as if they were really at camp, writing home to their parents!

At the end of the night, no one wanted to say goodbye!  Maybe one day we will do it again and actually let the kids spend the night in the tent!!  Happy Birthday Eli!!


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